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To fund TronWatch Market go to

-Changed TWM to TronWatchMarket
-TronWatchMarket tokens will be distributed by Sesameseed daily at 00:00 UTC based on SEEDGerminator contributions.

Sesameseed and SEEDGerminator are proud to present TronWatch Market for community funding!

TronWatch, the developers of TronLink and TronWatch Desktop Wallet, will debut their token sale and funding of TronWatch Market on Monday, September 24th 2018.

TronWatch Market is a secure, simple and innovative decentralized exchange (DEX) aiming to provide the Tron community with a compelling trading platform for Tron Tokens and TRX.

Secure, Innovative, Intuitive

In the development of this Exchange, security is paramount. In order to ensure the safety of its users, TronWatch Market will take all necessary precautions, utilizing smart contracts to handle transactions and auditing these contracts through security firms.

TronWatch seeks to leverage the Tron Network to create an innovative platform. Incorporating unique DEX utilities such as token voting and listing mechanisms paired with order matching and an automated market maker, TronWatch Market is creating an intuitive decentralized environment.

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Learn more at TronWatch.Market

Powerful tools familiar to traders is key to ensuring a durable platform. TronWatch will provide fresh design elements paired with exchange tools to make an enjoyable and enriching user experience for traders of any level.

TronWatchMarket Token

TronWatchMarket is a utility token for TronWatch Market, with unique use cases including: permanently reducing trading fees, enabling users to pay fees for listing new tokens, the staking of TronWatchMarket, and voting on tokens.

Discounted trading fees:
Users may pay from 10TronWatchMarket–5000TronWatchMarket to receive discounted or even free trading.

Staking TronWatchMarket:
ICO’s seeking to list on TronWatch Market may stake (freeze) TronWatchMarket in order to provide prominence on the platform. Users can also choose to freeze TronWatchMarket in order to vote on tokens to be more prominent. The top-voted token will be eligible for 0 transaction fees.

Listing Tokens:
No whitelist or approval process is necessary for token listing on TronWatch Market, except for a 150,000TronWatchMarket fee

Burning Supply:
Unsold tokens in this token sale, in addition to 50% of the fees collected (for discounts and listing) will be burned, permanently removing TronWatchMarket from the circulating supply.

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SEEDGerminator is a DApp and technology accelerator by Sesameseed for the TRON Network

TronWatchMarket Funding

Tron Network token sale
A total of one billion TronWatchMarket tokens are available at a rate of 0.5 TRX, with a SoftCap of 13,500,000 TRX and a HardCap of 500,000,000 TRX.

These tokens will be available for purchase as a Tronscan Token listing as well as a SEEDGerminator listing.

Sesameseed / SEEDGerminator contribution fund
SEEDGerminator Platform will list TronWatch Market on its platform in an effort to reach the SoftCap for this project.

Once the SoftCap of 13,500,000 TRX combined SEED tokens and TRX has been reached from the Tronscan token sale and SEEDGerminator, Sesameseed and the SEEDGerminator Developer fund shall immediately reward TronWatch with an additional 30,000 USDT in exchange for 4,500,000 TronWatchMarket tokens. These tokens will be distributed to both SEED token contributors and SEED holders.

SEEDGerminator Funding Incentive
TronWatch will offer the Sesameseed community a 25% incentive for the contribution of SEED tokens into TronWatch on the SEEDGerminator platform. So 1 SEED contributed will receive 2.5 TronWatchMarket tokens.

As an added incentive, Sesameseed will airdrop 2,250,000 TronWatchMarket for the first 500,000 SEED sent to the funding address on SEEDGerminator. This will allow SEED contributors to be rewarded an additional 4.5 TronWatchMarket tokens for each SEED contributed, increasing the effective return for each SEED token to 7 TronWatchMarket.

SEED Community Incentive
Upon the meeting of the SoftCap, All addresses holding SEED token will be airdropped the remaining 2,250,000 TronWatchMarket tokens, in proportion to their SEED tokens held.

Distribution of SEEDGerminator funds
Sesameseed shall hold all funds raised in escrow until 00:00 UTC on the day the SoftCap is met. At that time all contributors shall be issued TronWatch Tokens by Sesameseed. If the Softcap is not met within the launch window, Sesameseed shall return all SEED tokens to their originating addresses.

TronWatchMarket tokens will be distributed by Sesameseed daily at 00:00 UTC based on SEEDGerminator contributions.

To fund TronWatch Market Visit:

To learn more about TronWatch visit the links below!

TronWatch Market:
Whitepaper: whitepaper

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