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  • Funding Soft Cap: 500,000 TRX / SEED
  • Funding Hard Cap: 5,000,000 TRX / SEED
  • Minimum Contribution per wallet address: 500 TRX / SEED

Funding will open on Monday April 15th at 4:00PM UTC (9AM PDT).

This is a preview coming soon listing and does not contain all information that will be in the final listing. Please read the final listing once this project is open for funding and prior to contributing. The final listing will contain additional critical detail, including contribution amounts and tokens accepted. Any information in this coming soon listing is subject to change once the full listing is published. Once the project is open for funding, all information in the listing will be final.

Brief Description of the Project

Sesameseed and SEEDGerminator are welcoming Splinterlands to the TRON ecosystem. Splinterlands is a rebranding of the game Steem Monsters, a digital collectible card game originally launched on the Steem blockchain in May of 2018. Steem Monsters currently has around 2,000 daily active players, making it one of the most played blockchain-powered games in existence. Players compete in live, head to head combat to compete for the top spots on the ranked play leaderboards, or in live tournaments which run around the clock and offer thousands of dollars worth of prizes each week.

Each individual card used in the game is a non-fungible token (NFT) which players can hold in their crypto wallet. Non-fungible tokens can be bought, sold, or traded without restriction. It is even possible to trustlessly lend the cards that you’re not using to other players for a fee so that you can earn a passive income just by holding cards in your collection.

The market for Steem Monsters cards is one of the largest and most active blockchain-based, decentralized NFT markets in existence today. Over 3,000 cards are sold on the market each day on average which typically represents about $2,500 in USD volume.

Steem Monsters is excited to come to TRON, and is creating a new front-end interface to the game which will be rebranded under the name Splinterlands (which is also the name of the world in which the game is set). Splinterlands will allow the TRON community to join the game by interfacing with the TronLink browser extension, allowing purchases to be made using TRX, and in the future with other TRON tokens like SEED. The Splinterlands game will also be playable within TronWallet.

History of the Developer

Dr. Jesse “Aggroed” Reich, Co-Founder

Dr. Reich is a PhD Chemist out of Texas A&M University. He’s worked as a professor of chemistry and later in sales for the major Science Publishing companies handling large scale presentations and course material adoptions for major US Universities. He founded the Minnow Support Project on the Steem blockchain, which has the mission of spreading Peace, Abundance, and Liberty, helping the Steem ecosystem grow, and training and retaining new members on the platform. He is the co-founder of Steem Monsters and is tasked with building the community, leading sales planning, and helping to market the business outside of the crypto ecosystem.

Matt “Yabapmatt” Rosen, Co-Founder

Matt first started learning computer programming when he was 10 years old because he wanted to make his own video games. Since then he has gone on to design and develop a large variety of digital games and gaming systems supporting hundreds of thousands of players across multiple platforms. Matt has worked for both large companies and small startups and has managed large and diverse teams around the globe. His current project is Splinterlands, a digital collectible card game built on blockchain technology. As co-founder and CTO, Matt is responsible for overseeing all of the design and development of the game product. Matt believes that gaming will be the first and one of the biggest real use cases of blockchain technology as it offers decentralized digital asset ownership, provable scarcity, and provably fair results which were not previously possible.

Benefit to the TRON Network

We anticipate that the Splinterlands game will bring the following benefits to the TRON Network:

  1. TRON will be heavily promoted to Splinterlands existing community of 12,000+ users who are all into cryptocurrency/blockchain and gaming, making them extremely well targeted to becoming active TRON users and/or investors.
  2. All new players recruited through various marketing campaigns and channels (both within and outside of the cryptocurrency/blockchain community) will be exposed to TRON.
  3. TRX, in addition to certain other TRON-based tokens, will be able to be used to make purchases within the game via a direct integration (vs going through a 3rd party payment provider such as and will be available for players to win as tournament prizes, giving TRX and TRON tokens more utility and value.
  4. Splinterlands will be issuing tokens on the TRON blockchain creating a new market for unopened pack tokens.
  5. The Splinterlands team would also like to support and contribute to the creation of an NFT marketplace on the TRON blockchain, and when/if such a marketplace becomes available we will work to make sure that Splinterlands cards can be listed and bought/sold there.

Multiple Contribution Opportunities

Sesameseed is anticipating an announcement on April 22 that will impact the way SEEDGerminator projects are listed and funded. The full impact of this announcement on the SEEDGerminator contribution process is not yet fully known.

In our diverse community there are many differing goals on how to interact with SEED and SEEDGerminator. One of the benefits of being a SEED holder is access to SEEDGerminator listings and the special incentives for contributing SEED. In order to provide as much opportunity to people with different goals as possible, the total Splinterlands listing is being split into two parts. This split listing will maximize the available choices for participation and provide different opportunities and access to the greatest number of people.

The first Splinterlands listing will be open for funding on Monday April 15th at 4:00PM UTC (9AM PDT). This listing will be open for 14 days, unless the Hardcap of 5 million SEED or TRX is reached prior to that time.

The second Splinterlands listing is expected to be less than 60 days following the scheduled close of the first listing (April 29th). The second listing will follow the standard procedure of having a “Coming Soon” listing available for view prior to the opening of funding.

Each listing will have a separate Softcap and Hardcap; the two are not combined.

The first listing will have a higher incentive for those contributing with SEED than the second listing. Those wishing to contribute to the first listing may do so before or after Sesameseed’s scheduled announcement on April 22, as long as it is hasn’t reached its Hardcap. The second listing will provide an opportunity to contribute to Splinterlands under a different contribution structure. This structure has not yet been determined but is not expected to provide as high of an incentive for SEED contributions as the first listing.

Card Economy

All of the cards in the game have a predetermined and limited supply. The main Beta edition cards can only be created through purchasing booster packs which contain 5 randomly chosen cards. The cards are chosen via a published and provably fair algorithm. Only 900,000 Beta edition booster packs exist and at the time of writing about half have already been sold. Once all 900,000 packs are sold (including the ones that will be awarded for contributions to this listing) no more of these cards will ever be created, and they can only be obtained by purchasing them from other players on the market.

Cards have four different rarities — Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary — with each one being progressively more scarce and less likely to be found in packs. In addition to the rarity, each card has a collector’s edition gold foil version which is a much more rare version of that card. While the gold foil versions of the cards are equivalent to the regular versions in battles, they can be used in special gold foil only tournaments which typically have much larger prizes, and there are other benefits planned for the use of gold foil cards in the future.

While 900,000 5-card packs may seem like a lot of cards, multiple copies of each card may be combined together to level up a single card and gain increased stats and abilities in the game. This process will “burn” all but one of the combined cards which significantly reduces the supply of the cards. The table below shows how many of each type of Beta edition card is needed to reach each level.

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C = Common, R = Rare, E =Epic, L = Legendary

Multiple copies of each card may be combined together to level up a single card and gain increased stats and abilities in the game.

Since the cards are NFT tokens held in each player’s crypto wallet, they can be bought and sold through the game’s decentralized market. The market for Splinterlands cards is one of the largest and most active blockchain-based NFT marketplaces in existence today with an average daily volume of over 3,000 transactions worth over $2,500.

In addition to selling your cards, Splinterlands has introduced a unique concept of being able to lend or lease your cards to another player in a completely trustless manner. Through card leasing, your cards can remain safely in your wallet and the lease can be revoked at any time, but you can allow another player to use the cards in battle as if they owned them. This allows active, skilled players who don’t have the means to purchase a high level collection to instead rent one for a much lower cost and use those cards to play in ranked battles or in tournaments and win prizes. On the other side it allows card investors, or people who have more cards than they can use themselves, to earn a passive income stream from their card collection.

Current markets for buying and selling Splinterlands cards can be found at the links below, and card leasing markets are currently in development:

Product Roadmap

The following is the planned, upcoming product roadmap for the game through the next 6–12 months. Please note that the completion of these items are independent of receiving funding from the SEEDGerminator listing, and the details and timing of these items are subject to change.

  1. In-Game Currency Token/Store — The Splinterlands team is already in the process of creating an in-game currency token called “Dark Energy Crystals” or DEC. These tokens can be earned through winning ranked battles via a unique distribution model based on each player’s ranked play rating and their win rate. They can also be gained via “burning” unused cards in their collection.
  2. An in-game store will be introduced with a number of highly useful items, exclusive cards, skins, and more, that can be purchased with DEC which is expected to create significant demand for the tokens. Due to the expected demand, it is expected that many players will burn cards in order to gain more DEC which will also help to reduce the card supply and further increase market prices.
  3. Guild System — The Splinterlands team plans to add a guild system to the game which will allow groups of players to work together to earn in-game items and boosts as well as to battle against other guilds for prizes and glory.
  4. iOS/Android App — The Splinterlands game is currently only available through a web browser, however, they plan to build an app for iOS and Android in parallel along with the other items coming up on the roadmap. It will feature a completely redesigned user interface specifically for mobile devices.
  5. Multi-Language Support — The Splinterlands team is already in the process of updating the game website to support translation into various different languages that players may choose from. It is anticipated that this, in addition to the mobile apps described above, will be a huge growth driver for the game which in turn will add significant demand for the limited supply of cards.

Creation of Exclusive Limited Edition SEED Promo Cards

Splinterlands will create four new, unique and limited-edition cards which will be obtainable exclusively through contributing to the SEEDGerminator campaign. The total amount and distribution of these cards are described in the listing. Once the SEEDGerminator listing is complete, the only way to obtain these cards will be through the Player to Player market. It is anticipated that these cards may become very valuable as the game grows and the demand increases while the supply remains fixed.

There will be one card for each of the different rarities in the game: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Each of the four exclusive cards will also have a collector’s edition (also known as gold foil version). The difference between the gold foil and regular versions of the cards is purely cosmetic, and does not provide an advantage in gameplay. However, there are a number of tournaments which only allow gold foil cards to be used which typically have much larger prize pools. Having the gold foil versions of these exclusive cards can provide a significant advantage over the competition.

The cards will be designed such that they are competitive and highly sought after, yet not overpowered. Each exclusive promo card received by contributors through the campaign will be randomly chosen from one of the 8 available cards (4 cards plus the gold foil versions) in a provably fair manner using the same algorithm currently in place for assigning existing cards into packs.

The Splinterlands game works in such a way that each individual battle has different parameters and different variations on the rules. This means that it’s very important to have as many different cards as possible, since certain cards are much better under certain rule variations. The limited-edition cards available exclusively through the SEEDGerminator campaign, will be useful and important to have in different rule sets, so the more of them that you collect and level up, the better your chance at emerging victorious in any battle scenario.

Guaranteed Maximum Level SEED Cards for Highest SEED Contributors

In addition to the SEED Limited Edition Promo Cards available through contributions, there will be an additional seven complete sets of Max Level cards created. This is a total of seven additional maximum level cards of each of the eight possible cards (56 cards total). Two complete sets (16 cards) of maximum level cards will be provided to SEEDGerminator. Two complete sets (16 cards) of maximum level cards will be provided to Splinterlands.

Tokens redeemable for a complete set of maximum level cards will be awarded to the three TRON addresses with the highest contributions of SEED tokens. Complete maximum level sets will only be available during the first listing of Splinterlands.

Contribution Reward Distribution & Timeline

The rewards for contributing to the Splinterlands SEEDGerminator campaigns will be distributed via tokens on the TRON blockchain. Tokens will be created to represent the following items in the Splinterlands game:

  • Beta Edition Starter Set
  • Beta Edition Booster Pack
  • A randomly-chosen, exclusive SEEDGerminator campaign card
  • A full set of max level exclusive SEEDGerminator campaign cards

Each TRON wallet address that contributed at least the minimum contribution amount to the listing before it reaches Hardcap will receive the number of each type of token specified in the Contribution Rewards section above. These tokens will then be redeemable via the to be constructed Splinterlands website for the in-game items that they represent. The tokens may also be transferred, bought, or sold on secondary markets just like any other cryptocurrency token.

We anticipate that all of the tokens will be distributed to each contributing TRON account and that the Starter Set and Booster Pack tokens will be redeemable through the Splinterlands website on or before June 2019. Additionally, we anticipate that the tokens for exclusive SEEDGerminator campaign cards are estimated to be redeemable through the Splinterlands website within 30 days after the second listing of Splinterlands closes.

Ongoing Return to SEED Holders

Any new account that signs up through the SEEDGerminator campaign will be considered a Sesameseed referral. This includes anyone who signs up through the links to the site from the SEEDGerminator listing, or anywhere else the Sesameseed referral link is posted, in addition to anyone who actually contributes to the campaign. Accounts redeeming card pack tokens distributed through SEEDGerminator will be considered new referrals.

SEEDGerminator will receive 5% of the lifetime purchases of their referrals through the Splinterlands affiliate program. SEEDGerminator will distribute that income stream to SEED token holders.

SEEDGerminator’s referral link:

To learn more about Splinterlands, visit their website, blog, third-party block explorer, Discord, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit. You may also follow SEEDGerminator for updates on its official website, and Telegram, and Sesameseed on its website, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Medium.

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