SEEDGerminator: POPPY

Project: Poppy

Stage In Development: New

Funding Needed: 240,000 USD

Timeline to launch: 12–16 weeks

Developer: Sesameseed

SEEDGerminator Estimate: 200,000 SEED

Community SoftCap: 500,000 SEED & TRX

Summary of Project

Community and Market Impact

Project Scope

Poppy POS system

POS Concept
  • Android POS Application on Clover POS
  • Custom Terminal to include CC scanner, TronCard Scanner, NFC.
  • Accepts Visa, MasterCard, Cash and TRX as payment
  • Public Address — Purchase/Social media data mining capabilities
  • Anonymous purchasing for Customer
  • Anonymous retail data for Vendor
  • Web portal for customers to track purchases and rewards from vendors.
  • Distribution of a loyalty token
  • “Gift Card” purchasing utilizing TRX / Reloading of TronCard
  • Integration with Seedit and Social Media as purchase method
  • Token Interaction at Point of Sale to redeem tokens for Items in store
TronCard Concept

Tron Card

  • Physical “Credit Card” style card to be utilized by Poppy terminals.
  • Secure PK or MultiSig payment method
  • Able to be used for online purchases that utilize Poppy
  • Includes 3D barcode or other for phone, or non-card swipe transactions

Seedit App

  • Seedit wallet with functionality on Poppy


NFC Concept
  • Physical retail location to demonstrate the POS and associated systems.
  • Includes live usage of Seedit and TronCard









Rewards Program

Fee’s and Rewards

Payment Processing




Contribution Model

  • 80% to SEED Holders (in proportion to SEED held)
  • 10% to Operating expenses
  • 10% to SEEDGerminator Fund

Poppy Funding Token

POPPY Rewards



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