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UPDATE: 12–19–18
- Updated Funding Model Section to provide better examples of Contributions.
- Clarified Rewards Distribution section
- Updated “Contribution” Section Language

Summary of Project

Poppy is a Point of Sale (POS) system with integrated Tron payment processing.

With the functionalities of Clover POS, Poppy will leverage a robust POS system to fully integrate retail sales to the Tron blockchain functionality.

Poppy will provide its customers an easy to implement Tron payment integration on the Clover POS platform. Enabling customers to purchase items in TRX or basic Tron tokens at the retail will provide the customer a more robust experience will significantly reducing the transaction fee’s of traditional credit based payment methods. Seamless in-store and online ordering for clients, and a minimal barrier to entry for vendors will immediately open Tron to hundreds of thousands of retailers.

Leveraging the Tron blockchain, customers will enjoy the same retail experience they are used to, with the added benefit of accepting TRX and Tron Tokens. The point of sale will allow retail purchases utilizing Tron across a variety of methods including a Tron wallet, Tron style Card “TronCard” or the Seedit platform and application. Seedit opens Poppy to social media by allowing twitter, telegram, Reddit and other platforms to act as viable payment methods.

Poppy seeks to bridge the gap between vendor, customer service and social media to create a more connected retail experience.

Community and Market Impact

By allowing seamless integration with the Tron blockchain, Poppy will enable customers to interact with retail in ways that do not currently exist in POS platforms today.

In addition to traditional payment methods (Visa/MasterCard/Cash), retail customers will be able to purchase goods and services by utilizing the blockchain in several ways including Social Media and the Seedit platform, Tron wallet transfers and the Poppy “TronCard”.

Utilizing Poppy, a customer vendor relationship can bridge the point of sale and social media divide. Vendors may interface with their community by leveraging Seedit to provide discounts; complimentary items, “gift cards” and rewards on the blockchain, always visible to the POS.

The open nature of the distributed ledger facilitates an environment in which Vendor and Customer anonymity is possible, while still allowing vendors to reward loyal customers.

e.g. [ A retailer may issue a token redeemable in store to allow for easy market tracking of redemption from promotional activities across social media.]

The greater Tron community will have a truly interactive ecosystem in which to use TRX and Tron based tokens in ways no other cryptocurrency can offer today. The utility of the Tron Network can potentially offer a more robust use case in retail than other blockchains by leveraging social media channels and anonymous customer data mining on a fast, inexpensive network.

Poppy is a real world use case for the Tron Network in retail.

Project Scope

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POS Concept
  • Android POS Application on Clover POS
  • Custom Terminal to include CC scanner, TronCard Scanner, NFC.
  • Accepts Visa, MasterCard, Cash and TRX as payment
  • Public Address — Purchase/Social media data mining capabilities
  • Anonymous purchasing for Customer
  • Anonymous retail data for Vendor
  • Web portal for customers to track purchases and rewards from vendors.
  • Distribution of a loyalty token
  • “Gift Card” purchasing utilizing TRX / Reloading of TronCard
  • Integration with Seedit and Social Media as purchase method
  • Token Interaction at Point of Sale to redeem tokens for Items in store
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TronCard Concept
  • Physical “Credit Card” style card to be utilized by Poppy terminals.
  • Secure PK or MultiSig payment method
  • Able to be used for online purchases that utilize Poppy
  • Includes 3D barcode or other for phone, or non-card swipe transactions
  • Seedit wallet with functionality on Poppy
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NFC Concept
  • Physical retail location to demonstrate the POS and associated systems.
  • Includes live usage of Seedit and TronCard


— Development Team
— Marketing Team
— Project Management/Community engagement Team
— Payment System build out/Tron Integration
— Mobile and Tablet build out
— Hardware Manufacturing
— TronCard Manufacturing
— Distribution method (Hardware and TronCards)
— Popup Location and Build Out
— Social media marketing program
— Seedit Application


Poppy is designed to utilize TRX and other Tron based Tokens with additional Visa, MasterCard and Cash support to offer diverse functionality in terms of its payment and redemption platform.

Customers will be able to utilize TRX from a Tron wallet, TronCard or over the Seedit application to purchase goods and services through the Poppy platform.

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Vendors will be able to utilize tokens to issue discounts or complimentary goods or services, as part of a loyalty program, promotional offers, etc.

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Seedit will be integrated with the POS to allow users to for services or redeem token/vouchers over social media.

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Poppy will maintain Visa/Mastercard payment functionality by utilizing existing payment processors such as Clover POS.

Cards to be utilized at Poppy terminals as a way to easily interact with the blockchain at the point of sale. TronCard will include a magnetic and/or sim card with secured private key data. This card will include a 3d barcode or other reference to the public address associated with the private key for non-scanned purchases.

TronCard will have use cases including acting as a wallet for TRX or TRX tokens, as a secure method of payment at Poppy terminals and an easy reference for in person access to public addresses for p2p transfers.

Inserting TronCard into a Poppy terminal may show available tokens, which are redeemable for in store items.

e.g. [A customer interacts with a Poppy terminal by inserting TronCard, this displays the available tokens in the users wallet that can be utilized by the terminal. This could include an emoji, which can be redeemed at this terminal for an item. ]

Poppy will utilize a portion of transaction fee’s to reward customers for utilizing TRX or TRX based tokens at poppy terminals by providing a unique token to act as a loyalty feature of the poppy platform, rewarded based on usage to be redeemed at any Poppy POS.

Fee’s and Rewards

2.75% Major Credit Card — Standard Clover Transaction fees

1% TRX

0% Poppy Tokens

Poppy loyalty token earned TRX spent in retail

0.00 Transaction fee for p2p Poppy loyalty token transfers.


Poppy will debut its platform as a popup retail location, to showcase its integration with TRX, Tokens and the blockchain in a retail environment. The popup will introduce the public to seamless payment systems that utilize the blockchain and social media to provide more interactive customer service.


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Contribution Model

Poppy seeks $240,000 from the Sesameseed Germinator to produce a fully featured TRX POS system and TronCard. In return for this funding Poppy will reward token holders in poppy tokens obtained through the loyalty program.

The contribution period of Poppy will be 6 weeks or until the Hard Cap is reached.

Reward Distribution

All SEED Holders will be rewarded in proportion to the amount of SEED they hold from Sesameseed’s Poppy token holding according to Sesameseed’s 80–10–10 distribution model. This is the combined total of “Sesameseed Outside contribution” and SEEDGerminator Contribution.

Sesameseed Rewards Distribution

  • 80% to SEED Holders (in proportion to SEED held)
  • 10% to Operating expenses
  • 10% to SEEDGerminator Fund

A Poppy token will be issued at the close of the funding round to represent a SEED contributors ability to earn future poppy tokens from the loyalty program. 5 Poppy tokens will be issued for every SEED token, and 1 Poppy token issued for each TRX submitted to the project, no other contribution will be eligible for Poppy reward tokenization, meaning the maximum circulating supply of POPPY will be based on these contributions. 100% of which will be distributed to the addresses that fund the project including the SEEDGerminator fund itself.

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Poppy tokens will qualify the holding account for loyalty / participation-derived tokens from Poppy.

The Poppy token is a reward paying token that represents a contribution of SEED tokens into the project. The public address holding these tokens will be rewarded monthly rewards based on the loyalty program usage of Poppy.

To distribute rewards, Sesameseed shall be rewarded a set share of poppy tokens acquired from the poppy loyalty service based on total Poppy token ownership from Poppy. These tokens will be deposited into the SEEDdispensary account monthly, to be distributed to Poppy token holders.

To learn More visit the SEEDGerminator below.

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