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SEEDGerminator IDEAS is a platform for smaller scale projects to receive funding


Sesameseed is proud to present IDEAS, designed to bring the power of community investment into an arena for developers seeking funding for smaller scale projects.

IDEAS will facilitate the collaboration between developers and their ideas with Sesameseed and the greater TRON community. The community can participate in fast tracking the adoption of the TRON blockchain by enabling any developer to create, develop, and provide value to TRON.


IDEAS features several key differences from SEEDGerminator projects. Its focus is to emphasize development of smaller scale projects, requiring less funding and with quicker launch times.

Key differences include:

  • Tiered funding model — A developer can choose from four funding tiers, 100K, 200K, 300K and 400K TRX. Higher tiers of funding will require that the developer meet increased levels of criteria for listing. Ideas seeking 100K TRX in funding can be submitted and be listed in as little as 24 hours.
  • 30-day funding rounds — Listings will be limited to a thirty day round of funding. They need to raise 100% of their requested tier amount within that time frame in order for the project to be considered “approved”.
  • Contribution Limits — Ideas may only be funded in TRX. Once the tier is met, SEEDGerminator will provide those funds directly to the developer at the end of the funding period, based on identified milestones.

Why should I fund ideas?

Developers may choose to provide any incentives to the community they would like in order to attract funding. These incentives will vary from idea to idea and may include the incorporation of a token, subscription to services, reduced usage costs, or whatever creative option you can imagine. Sesameseed encourages all developers to apply for funding, even if there is no direct financial benefit to contributors from the project itself.

Part of Sesameseed’s mission as your community Super Representative is to help develop the TRON ecosystem. Basic infrastructure and utility projects are strongly encouraged to apply, as projects like these benefit the entire TRON Network.

Greater adoption of the TRON Network relies on the community’s engagement and use. Contributing to a project listed on IDEAS will provide a launchpad for developers of all sizes and the network.

SEEDGerminator Contribution

In some instances IDEAS may identify projects that serve a unique benefit to the TRON ecosystem or community, in which case the SEEDGerminator fund may choose to contribute an amount up to 50% of the project target at the end of the funding round.

Okay, I’m an interested developer. How do I sign up?

  1. Developers fill out the IDEAS application form found on, including selecting one of the four funding tiers.
  2. A review will include confirming required criteria for the requested funding tier, content, and assessment of the benefit to TRON and the community.
  3. Ideas meeting the required criteria are listed!

The higher the funding tier requested, the longer the review process may take. In most cases, projects will go from submission to listing in less than a week.

Projects will be considered “approved” by the community if they receive the requested funding within thirty days. If the project does not reach its target, all contributions will be returned to the community.

Funding Tier Requirements

SEEDGerminator IDEAS funding tiers

Higher funding tiers require a more detailed explanation of the project. The chart above shows the concepts that must be covered in an application for that funding level. Applications which do not address a required category will not be listed.

The category “Reward Model” does not require there be a financial reward for contributors in those projects. Rewards can be as creative as you want them to be. This is one of the key areas to explain to contributors why your project deserves their funding.

It is encouraged you provide a way for the community to ask further questions about your project. A telegram channel is an easy way to make this happen, but other methods are also acceptable.

Sesameseed will facilitate IDEAS through a dedicated Telegram channel where project owners can interact with the community and answer questions.

Application Fees

Developers applying to be listed on SEEDGerminator IDEAS must also submit an application review fee. The project application fee is non-refundable. 100% of this fee will be deposited into the SEEDGerminator account for use in supporting future projects SEEDGerminator projects.

SEEDGerminator IDEAS listing fees

Distribution of Funds

Ideas that successfully meet 100% of their funding request within 30 days shall be considered “approved” by the community

Approved ideas will be given their raised funds in three increments:

  • 25% after the close of the funding round
  • 25% on project milestone (this milestone should be defined in your project application)
  • 50% upon completion

Coming soon to SEEDGerminator

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