SEEDGerminator: DIG for IT!

DIG for IT! is a gaming platform and intuitive game hub to win TRX, SCC and other tokens. The debut version of DIG for IT will be comprised of a treasure map stylized game for players to win rewards

Project Plan

DIG for IT! utilizes the TRON Blockchain to build a fun, immersive, and potentially rewarding game.

DIG for IT! has the potential to increase the adoption of the TRON Network by creating an addictive game in which players can earn real rewards. “DIG” lowers the barrier to entry for non-TRX gamers by creating an intuitive and accessible gaming platform.

The debut game will harness the power of Unity3D to allow for cross-platform support, future-proofed for real-time multiplayer features, and provide the engine for fast, flexible game design. Future iterations will combine skill and chance in a fun interactive token earning experience.

The ecosystem is centered around the creation of a new token, SCC, a mining token obtained exclusively through the SEEDGerminator contribution page. Holders of SCC will generate SCT (Tickets) as an ongoing and sustainable reward from the game platform itself.

SCT will be the default play token utilized by all games on the platform. SCT will be consumed for DIG actions in-game, with rewards being paid in TRX, SCC, and other tokens. Quarterly rewards will be paid to SCC token holders as SCT. This will provide SCC holders with an ongoing replenishing supply of game tickets. SCC holders may choose to use generated tickets (SCT) to play and potentially win more TRX rewards from games, or sell/exchange their SCT with other potential players!

The tokenomics of DIG for IT! are designed to put a majority of funds spent on the platform back into the prize pool for potential players. This includes the SEEDGerminator funding experience. A majority of funds raised will become the initial player prize pool, giving our players the chance to win even more from day one!

The DIG for IT debut game is designed to slowly introduce more SCC into circulation, while rewarding players with more TRX. The SCC distribution in-game will be estimated at 2,000,000 SCC per 1,000,000,000 TRX played. This means that there will be a dilution of existing SCC in circulation; however, for this dilution to occur, existing token holders will be earning larger rewards. There is a chance to win up to 300x TRX in one click, or up to 30,000% from ONE map! To ensure maps are fair and verifiable, DIG for IT! will utilize a provably fair tool. This will allow players to verify that the rewards of the game are predetermined and are randomly assigned via a custom random algorithm.

Players will be able to play and discard the maps at any time, whether they have found all the prizes or not. In order to play, the player just needs to start tapping over the spaces on the map to reveal the prize underneath. The prizes will range from 0.1 TRX to 300 TRX per square, 1 SCC to 3 SCC and some spaces will reveal free moves in basic maps. Whenever the map is closed or the player doesn’t like the current map, they can directly discard it and start another. There will be an ability, in-game, to determine how many prizes remain in any single map, to assist the player in deciding if they wish to carry on with the current map or discard for a new one.

Funding Milestones

We believe funding milestones are an important aspect of the community funding round because this will help to incentivize the development of a fun and engaging platform. Additional features will be developed as the game reaches the applicable funding milestones.

As part of SEEDGerminator funding, DIG is offering SCC tokens. These tokens “mine” a set amount of SCT directly from gameplay itself. The amount of “mined” SCT is variable and dependent on the funding targets below. This percent represents an amount of SCT after deducting player rewards.

2.0 million TRX/SEED tokens funded (Softcap):

  • Minimum viable game developed with basic maps of a standard size and a basic prize table.
  • 5% of played SCT mined by SCC

3.5 million TRX/SEED tokens funded:

  • Introduction of other in-game tools allowing for faster exploration of prize map.
  • 7.5% of played SCT mined by SCC

5.0 million TRX/SEED tokens funded:

  • Introduction of enhanced prize maps in which prizes are multiplied i.e. 10x / 20x / 30x / 100x, giving the player a chance to win up to 30,000 TRX in a single DIG. There will be a higher SCT cost per DIG for these game modes.
  • 10% of played SCT mined by SCC

6.5 million TRX/SEED tokens funded:

  • Introduction of maps in varying sizes (e.g. 10x10, 25x25, 50x50, 100x100)
  • 12.5% of played SCT mined by SCC

8.0 million TRX/SEED tokens funded (Hardcap):

  • Development of a second game for the platform. The second game will be more simplistic in design but remain engaging and have the potential for large rewards.
  • 15% of played SCT mined by SCC

Rewards Plan for SEED holders

SEEDGerminator will provide the exclusive funding round for DIG, upon reaching the Softcap, SEEDGerminator will contribute 200,000 SEED towards the project at the close of funding. In exchange for this 200,000 SEED, DIG for IT will give SEEDGerminator 2,000,000 SCC. These rewards will be held by SEEDGerminator and be used to distribute as SCT at a rate of 80–10–10.

80% to SEED holders, in proportion to SEED held, 10% reserved by SEEDGerminator account to provide more funding to other projects and 10% will be used for operating expenses.

For the purposes of funding, DIG for IT will accept 2 tokens, TRX and SEED. Each token will have different values in the SEEDGerminator as outlined below:

1 TRX = 1 SCC
1 SEED = 10 SCC (10x investment power of TRX)

Rewards will be paid out regularly to contributors and will be paid out in SCT. SCT can be used within the game to purchase DIG actions, allowing contributors free access to the game, giving them the chance to further compound their rewards and earn even more reward. For those who do not want to participate in the game aspect and wish to receive a direct reward from their contribution, players and contributors can redeem their SCT through a conversion mechanism for half of the Tronscan ICO price. This will be rewarding for the contributor who is interested in rewards, while also incentivizing the internal P2P market and avoiding service exploitation.

Additional Information

DIG for IT! is being developed by experts in the game industry with years of experience in creating enjoyable, profitable and exciting games.

Key members of the team include:

Nathan (SCC Admin) envisioned the concept and continues to provide advice/guidance on the mechanics of the game.

Angel QM is the lead developer and game economics expert. Angel has been involved with several game companies and has considerable experience in the gaming arena.

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