Hello Technical Bend,

Thank you for the post, you are correct in your rewards calculations.

As it seems you are aware, the Tron Foundation has published a rewards structure for SR’s no less than 3 times. The one you are referencing is in fact the latest version, which was very recently updated.

We noticed the rewards were amiss the moment we became an SR ~40 hours ago and have been working to update our calculator and reward model since.

I fully understand your concern, it is not taken lightly, all documents we distribute, as well as our reference documentation we distribute to our members, has already been updated.

I am happy to announce that the calculator on the website has been updated, in addition it now calculates votes Live, using up to the minute data directly from tronscan.org.

This new calculator only requires the amount of votes you cast to provide the most accurate possible (to the minute) calculation for rewards.

I encourage everyone here to take a look!


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To be clear of who we are and what our intentions are.

Sesameseed is not an organization bankrolled by institutional investment. We are genuinely comprised of fellow community members working on this project out of pocket.

We are an organic organization that hears and respects the voices of our community. We will continue as we have and will reward members according to the exact same model we have always had.

As you seem to be an outspoken community member I invite you to voice your concerns more directly in the future, so we can continue to make Sesameseed better together.

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This account is operated by Sesameseed to write articles about multichain staking and SEED. Learn more on our blog: medium.com/SesameseedOrg

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