Distribution of Project and Ideas Rewards to SEED Holders

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SEEDGerminator Rewards Update

This document describes the standard method SEEDGerminator will use to distribute rewards to SEED holders generated by Projects and Ideas. Some exceptions may be made as the rewards available in the future may be different than those that exist currently. The information below will be the guiding principle for how decisions regarding Projects and Ideas rewards to SEED holders.

Sesameseed and SEEDGerminator are made possible by the participation of trust and confidence from its community. SEED is created from the rewards generated by this trust. Some projects and ideas accelerated by SEEDGerminator generate additional rewards to Sesameseed voters.

Listings are designed to take advantage of the unique opportunities presented by Projects and Ideas, while creating reward models that are compatible to each. Therefore, each Project or Idea provides different types of rewards on varying schedules. SEEDGerminator encourages Projects and Ideas to be innovative in the types of rewards and opportunities they provide to SEED holders. To best manage the variety of rewards, SEEDGerminator intends to provide a relatively predictable mechanism to distribute rewards to SEED holders.

Every month SEEDGerminator will base the Project and Ideas rewards distributions on a three month average balance. This is accomplished by distributing to SEED holders one-third of the total rewards balance for each project or idea held by SEEDGerminator on a monthly basis.

This distribution will be based on the snapshot taken for SEED participation rewards on the first of each month. Reward distributions will take place within 7 days of the snapshot unless Sesameseed or SEEDGerminator state differently via their normal communication channels.

The one-third amount was selected to compensate for variations in rewards schedules and provide more consistent monthly rewards. The amount to be distributed will be split via the 80:10:10 model. This means 80% will be distributed to SEED holders in proportion to the percentage of SEED held. As more Projects and Ideas begin distributing rewards to SEED holders, this distribution schedule will provide a relatively stable stream of rewards to SEED holders.

The remaining two-thirds of the rewards will be rolled into the next month’s distribution calculation.

The following is a fictional example and is not meant to demonstrate actual numbers or real tokens (the example only to two decimal places for simplicity)

Month #1

Project A rewards monthly: SEEDGerminator gets 1000 TRX in Month #1

Project B rewards every other month: SEEDGerminator gets 1000 BBB tokens Month #1

Project C rewards quarterly: SEEDGerminator gets 8000 CCC tokens Month #1

Project D rewards twice per year: SEEDGerminator gets 10000 TRX Month #1

Project E rewards monthly: SEEDGerminator get 5000 TRX Month #1

Month #1 — total of rewards balance from all accounts

16,000 TRX (combined total)

1000 BBB

8000 CCC

Month #1 one-third is pulled out of the accounts to be distributed

16,000 TRX / 3 = 5333.33 TRX

1000 BBB/3 = 333.33 BBB token

8000 CCC/3 = 2666.66 CCC token

This amount is divided 80:10:10: (80% to SEED holders)


5333.33 TRX X 80% = 4266.66 TRX

333.33 BBB x 80% = 266.66 BBB

2666.66 CCC x 80% = 2133.32 CCC

Month #1 ending total balance remaining in SEEDGerminator reward accounts — This balance will be rolled into Month #2’s beginning balance:

10,666.67 TRX

666.67 BBB

5333.34 CCC

Blockchain technology, public blockchain networks, cryptocurrencies, and other related technologies continue to evolve over time. Unforeseen opportunities or challenges may be discovered in the future. Sesameseed and SEEDGerminator reserve the right to adapt any policy or business practice in the future to address these opportunities. Notice of any change of this type will be made public prior to implementation by distribution on Sesameseed’s and/or SEEDGerminator’s standard communications channels.

To learn more about SEEDGerminator visit its official website, and Telegram, and Sesameseed on its website, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Medium.

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