Crowdfunding on the blockchain

It benefits developers and those seeking to earn rewards from their capital

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What is SEEDGerminator?

SEEDGerminator is a crowdfunding DApp and technology accelerator built by Sesameseed. It promotes blockchain development and adoption through community participation.

SEEDGerminator’s unique crowdfunding model benefits developers and those seeking to earn rewards from their capital. Developers use the platform as a stage to present their ideas and grow their own communities. Those who find sufficient value in a project can show direct support by funding with various digital assets. This process of democratic consensus provides developers with an actively engaged audience, while granting the community the opportunity for early involvement in exciting new projects.

Through SEEDGerminator, blockchain node rewards are cycled back into the ecosystem at the discretion of the community. Individual benefactors decide which projects to support and how much to contribute, with special incentives and rewards frequently given to those who contribute with SEED. The Sesameseed community is thereby rewarded for playing an active role in advancing blockchain innovation.

SEEDGerminator Developer Fund

Sesameseed distributes 10% of its node rewards daily to SEEDGerminator for the purpose of supporting the platform in its vision to accelerate and promote blockchain technology. These rewards form the Developer Fund, which is utilized to assist the community and developers in various ways. Proposals listed for crowdfunding on the SEEDGerminator platform are eligible to receive additional resources from this Fund should they illustrate a clear benefit to the community. 80% of dividends earned by SEEDGerminator through their Developer Fund are distributed monthly to SEED holders.

Through transparent, honest, and fair representation in delegated governance, Sesameseed has earned the trust of its community. SEEDGerminator operates on the same principles and endeavors to host trustworthy and secure listings.

Submissions to SEEDGerminator are separated into two categories:

  • Projects — These are typically more large-scale proposals and undergo a thorough screening process by SEEDGerminator before being presented to the community. Projects are examined and approved by the SEEDGerminator team and a SEEDGerminator Review Board. Projects are often supplied with advice, assistance in writing their listings, and guidance in interacting with the community.
  • Ideas — These are smaller scale proposals which do not undergo a thorough screening process by SEEDGerminator and are not reviewed by the SEEDGerminator Review Board. Ideas are listed on the platform and collectively screened by the community through their decision to fund the proposal or not. The community makes a decision on the quality of the documentation provided by the idea, the viability of the proposal, and their confidence in the promises made by the proposal.

Proposals failing to raise the minimum amount of funds as outlined in their listing are considered to be rejected by the community and all contributions will be returned.

The funds raised from the community for successful listings are held in escrow by SEEDGerminator and released to the developers upon completion of funding milestones as described in their proposal. In the event a Project or Idea does not sufficiently achieve their funding milestones, any remaining funds will be returned to the original contributors.

More information on the application process and minimum requirements for submission can be found on the SEEDGerminator website.

Monthly Rewards from SEEDGerminator

Developers are encouraged to incentivize contributions to their proposal by offering reward plans for contributors. Rewards to SEEDGerminator are often included in these plans. In accordance with Sesameseed’s 80:10:10 model, 80% of rewards earned by SEEDGerminator are distributed back to SEED holders each month. Several successfully funded listings are now fully operational and have begun generating recurring rewards for their contributors and SEED holders. Please read the details on this distribution process which were published in a previous article.

SEEDGerminator is Multi-Chain

The expansion of SEEDGerminator to new blockchains will be a catalyst for the advancement of those blockchains, and a powerful tool for their community development.

The overall Sesameseed community will grow and allow for cross-chain collaboration between blockchains. This will enable developers to reach and interact with a broader community of contributors. More Projects and Ideas will have an opportunity to be funded. An increase in contribution potential would attract larger scale proposals. SEED holders would gain additional monthly rewards, thus increasing the value of the token. Widespread adoption of blockchain technology should emerge from this stronger, more active community.

To learn more about the crowdfunding platform, join the SEEDGerminator community on Telegram.

To learn more about Sesameseed visit our website. You may also connect with us on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Medium.

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