Immediate action required by all SEED holders to prevent a loss of redeem value! Sesameseed will cease supporting all Sesameseed services, websites, and social media, on September 13th 2021.

Failure by SEED holders to take some sort of action by September 4th 2021 will cause a loss of redeem value to the holder’s SEED tokens.

The article in this link contains all the information needed by SEED holders to make decisions in the SEED to UNFI and UP conversion. No one will know your situation better than you. Reading only a summary could lead to an undesired outcome including a…

Decisions and actions by SEED holders are required

SEED holders have the opportunity to convert their SEED to UNFI and UP

Brief Synopsis

Important deadlines are coming soon and SEED holders MUST take action!

Sesameseed has been acquired by Unifi Protocol! The Sesameseed community will join the thriving Unifi community through a 4 phase SEED to UNFI and UP conversion process. Through this process, SEED holders will have access to the redeem value of SEED by becoming UNFI and UP holders. UNFI is the Global Governance Token of the entire multi-chain Unifi Protocol, while UP is Unifi’s utility token. SEED holders can learn more about UNFI and UP here. …

Sesameseed places priority on the health and stability of the network

Sesameseed prides itself on supporting the blockchains where it operates nodes. On Harmony, this means supporting multiple shards and providing SEED as a staking reward.

Running a node on all 4 shards carries with it a significant burden, as one of these shards is often under tremendous network usage which incurs great bandwidth cost. We could minimize that burden and reduce downtime by excluding certain shards from our node. However, that would mean operating in a manner that does not prioritize the health and stability of the Harmony blockchain…

Changes to SEED are coming !

Key points

  • Sesameseed’s message of “Set it and forget it” is changing effective immediately.
  • The time of asking SEED holders to be patient while Sesameseed focuses on Unifi is coming to an end. Be a part of the discussion of the changes to come.
  • The trust invested by the Sesameseed community during the development of the Unifi Protocol has allowed for needed development.
  • Changes to SEED are coming. These changes may require timely action on the part of SEED holders to achieve the maximum benefit. …

SEED rewards distribution will change in preparation for new technology

The Phases of Sesameseed’s Evolution

Sesameseed’s development and growth is a prerequisite to supporting the exciting partnerships with blockchains and other projects, only a fraction of which have been announced publicly.

As Sesameseed takes this exciting step to adapt to the ever-changing world of emerging blockchain technology, it is important to understand how things became as they are currently.

Phase 1: Just starting out

When Sesameseed first started in 2018, it started with only a dedicated group of community members who wanted to build something community centered. …

The Sesameseed community is rewarded for their continued support

Key Points:

  • Sesameseed fulfills commitments made to the community
  • 5 tokens in the redeem value of SEED in 2020!
  • Unifi Protocol would not exist without support from the Sesameseed Community
  • At least 75,000 UNFI will be provided by Unifi
  • UNFI will be placed into the redeem value of SEED
  • UNFI will be placed into the redeem value over approximately the first half of 2021
  • UNFI in the SEED redeem value will be staked in the UNFI Proof of Stake-style Global Governance Model (GGM)

Sesameseed began as a social media post in…

Unifi recognizes the Sesameseed community for their contribution

The Unifi Protocol was developed by Sesameseed and has since gained popularity as the underlying protocol for uTrade, the multi-chain trading platform with a sustainable and rewarding token economy. uTrade is currently operational on multiple blockchains, including Sesameseed’s represented blockchains as well as Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

Under the Global Governance Model (GGM), powered by the UNFI token, Unifi Protocol will be governed by the Unifi Council of Representatives. The Council is composed of Community Council Representatives (CCRs) and Designated Council Representatives (DCRs). …

Improved security and transparency for SEED swaps and redeems

SEED swap and redeem are fundamental properties of the SEED rewards ecosystem. As such, Sesameseed must ensure those properties remain uncompromised. The more secure and more transparent Version 2.0 of SEED swap and redeem is now online and available in Sprout, Sesameseed’s custom staking wallet and SEED utility resource. Supported blockchains include TRON, Ontology, and Harmony. Swaps and redeems for SEED on ICON is expected in the near future.

This new and improved version utilizes smart contracts where possible, which aligns with Sesameseed’s goal of on-chain accountability.

Throughout this beta stage of production, the Sesameseed community should expect continued development…

The SEED rewards token is deployed on ICON mainnet

Sesameseed is proud to welcome ICON-SEED as the newest addition to the multi-chain SEED rewards economy. ICON-SEED (also referred to as IRC2 SEED) has been created and deployed on the ICON mainnet. Starting from Monday, December 14, 2020, the ICON SEED node will officially be open for community staking and will then begin distributing daily SEED rewards on ICON.

The ICON-SEED contract address is: cx0c1840514299d1be79543930b9d09d16aaeb9a69

Precision: 6

Simply stake for Sesameseed and earn SEED daily. SEED is a rewards token issued on every blockchain where Sesameseed operates a SEED node. …

Preparations for the SEED rewards economy on ICON are underway

Sesameseed would like to take this opportunity to update the community on the upcoming integration of ICON into the SEED rewards economy. Recently it was announced that Sesameseed was approved as a grant recipient from the ICON Foundation in recognition of its community and innovation in the blockchain industry. This grant included a commitment to stake 1,000,000 ICX to Sesameseed for a period of 6 months.

Sesameseed takes great pleasure in announcing the launch of its test node on ICON. The ICON test node will run for a yet undetermined amount of time to ensure the node is operating correctly…


This account is operated by Sesameseed to write articles about multichain staking and SEED. Learn more on our blog:

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