The Sesameseed community is rewarded for their continued support

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Key Points:

  • Sesameseed fulfills commitments made to the community
  • 5 tokens in the redeem value of SEED in 2020!
  • Unifi Protocol would not exist without support from the Sesameseed Community
  • At least 75,000 UNFI will be provided by Unifi
  • UNFI will be placed into the redeem value of SEED
  • UNFI will be placed into the redeem value over approximately the first half of 2021
  • UNFI in the SEED redeem value will be staked in the UNFI Proof of Stake-style Global Governance Model (GGM)

Sesameseed began as a social media post in April of 2018. The vision of assembling a community founded on collective trust, transparency, and community representation was unique in the blockchain space. Since its inception, Sesameseed has stood out as a trusted voice for leadership, innovation, and finding a way to align the interests of an entire community behind common goals. This community centered approach allowed Sesameseed to develop in ways other projects could not. Believers from the community became a core team, providing their broad range of skills to further that vision. Core community members became familiar friends, trusted advisors, and community advocates. Bonded together behind the tokenization of those aligned interests, the community all rallied behind SEED as it evolved into the embodiment of the trust established by the collective community. …

Unifi recognizes the Sesameseed community for their contribution

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The Unifi Protocol was developed by Sesameseed and has since gained popularity as the underlying protocol for uTrade, the multi-chain trading platform with a sustainable and rewarding token economy. uTrade is currently operational on multiple blockchains, including Sesameseed’s represented blockchains as well as Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

Under the Global Governance Model (GGM), powered by the UNFI token, Unifi Protocol will be governed by the Unifi Council of Representatives. The Council is composed of Community Council Representatives (CCRs) and Designated Council Representatives (DCRs). …

Improved security and transparency for SEED swaps and redeems

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SEED swap and redeem are fundamental properties of the SEED rewards ecosystem. As such, Sesameseed must ensure those properties remain uncompromised. The more secure and more transparent Version 2.0 of SEED swap and redeem is now online and available in Sprout, Sesameseed’s custom staking wallet and SEED utility resource. Supported blockchains include TRON, Ontology, and Harmony. Swaps and redeems for SEED on ICON is expected in the near future.

This new and improved version utilizes smart contracts where possible, which aligns with Sesameseed’s goal of on-chain accountability.

Throughout this beta stage of production, the Sesameseed community should expect continued development and further improvements to the SEED swap and redeem system. …

The SEED rewards token is deployed on ICON mainnet

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Sesameseed is proud to welcome ICON-SEED as the newest addition to the multi-chain SEED rewards economy. ICON-SEED (also referred to as IRC2 SEED) has been created and deployed on the ICON mainnet. Starting from Monday, December 14, 2020, the ICON SEED node will officially be open for community staking and will then begin distributing daily SEED rewards on ICON.

The ICON-SEED contract address is: cx0c1840514299d1be79543930b9d09d16aaeb9a69

Precision: 6

Simply stake for Sesameseed and earn SEED daily. SEED is a rewards token issued on every blockchain where Sesameseed operates a SEED node. …

Preparations for the SEED rewards economy on ICON are underway

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Sesameseed would like to take this opportunity to update the community on the upcoming integration of ICON into the SEED rewards economy. Recently it was announced that Sesameseed was approved as a grant recipient from the ICON Foundation in recognition of its community and innovation in the blockchain industry. This grant included a commitment to stake 1,000,000 ICX to Sesameseed for a period of 6 months.

Sesameseed takes great pleasure in announcing the launch of its test node on ICON. The ICON test node will run for a yet undetermined amount of time to ensure the node is operating correctly, and to allow Sesameseed to gather the needed data to structure the proper policy decisions for ICON rewards. …

Blockchains are interested in the Unifi Protocol

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Sesameseed is proud to announce another potential major benefit to the Sesameseed community, made possible by its development of the Unifi Protocol. Sesameseed was contacted by the ICON blockchain about participating in the ICON community. ICON recognized the unique nature of the Unifi Protocol and is excited to welcome Sesameseed, SEED, and Unifi to the ICON community.

Sesameseed is applying for grant funding on behalf of Unifi. The funding will be requested to support the expansion of the Unifi Protocol to ICON, and to build the infrastructure required for that expansion.

The benefits to Sesameseed and SEED holders that arise as a result of a successful Unifi grant approval are substantial. …

The benefits to the Sesameseed community from Unifi Protocol have exceeded expectations.

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It’s been one month since the Unifi Protocol was introduced, and a lot of progress has occurred since then. As developers of the protocol, Sesameseed has been proud to witness the many accomplishments of the Unifi team. Some of those accomplishments positively impact Sesameseed and its mission for incentivizing community participation in blockchain governance. The unique design of the Protocol carries with it many potential benefits to SEED holders, as outlined in a previous article. It is Sesameseed’s great pleasure to take this opportunity to talk about how Unifi’s efforts have already exceeded expectations in supporting the Sesameseed community.

The Unifi Protocol, from the outset, attracted lots of attention from outside investors who were drawn to the innovative tokenomics and cross-chain interoperability. This interoperability is driven by the same technology that powers SEED swap, which the Sesameseed community has been using for some time now. Utilizing SEED in this way has launched the token onto the worldwide stage. Sesameseed’s CEO Juliun Brabon has participated in 4 Chinese language AMA’s, including one with a Singapore based exchange. In each AMA, the moderators asked about SEED and provided an opportunity to talk about Sesameseed, staking, community governance, and SEED. …

How KLV tokens will be used to benefit the community

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September 10, 2020

The SEEDGerminator Development Fund and all of the tokens within it have been accumulated from the 10% of Sesameseed node rewards reserved for developer support. The intended purpose of the Development fund is to improve and develop the SEED ecosystem and support represented blockchains. A portion of Sesameseed’s node rewards are dedicated to the SEEDGerminator Development Fund. This fund is an example of Sesameseed’s dedication to prepare for future opportunities to benefit SEED holders or support blockchain development.

As this fund continues to grow, more opportunities become available. During this time SEED holders benefit from the fund deferring daily rewards which are distributed to SEED holders as part of the SEED Bonus Rewards. All tokens held by SEEDGerminator have been contributed by listed projects, or are the result of node rewards earned by the fund. The SEEDGerminator Development Fund has never accepted tokens from the community. The fund benefitted from acquiring TWX during the TronWalletMe listing. …

Regarding the TRC20 SEED airdrop to the PoloniDEX smart contract

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August 16, 2020

Sesameseed recently completed the transition from TRC10 to the TRC20 token standard for SEED on the TRON network. This was accomplished via a carefully coordinated airdrop to all SEED in any address on the TRON network. This included communication with all exchanges where TRC10 SEED was listed, as well as commonly used TRON wallets.

Prior to the airdrop, exchanges were notified and requested to delist TRC10 SEED. This was done to ensure the new TRC20 SEED was airdropped to the customer, rather than the exchange smart contract. The delisting date was determined with input and approval of all listing exchanges, as well as each exchange’s commitment to adhere to the scheduled deadlines. …

A Protocol that Benefits SEED Holders and Developers

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Key Points:

  • Sesameseed is developing the UniFi protocols which will be an on-chain resource for any developer to use.
  • UniFi protocols will benefit SEED holders in several ways.
  • A portion of the fees generated by the UniFi protocol are automatically routed by the smart contract to market buy SEED.
  • Users of the UniFi protocol will be turned into SEED holders, increasing the exposure to Sesameseed and SEED.
  • Using the SEED swap feature as a bridge for cross-chain transactions creates an additional use for SEED.
  • SEED is compatible with the ERC20 standard, meaning it could be used to connect the UniFi protocols with the Ethereum Blockchain. …



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